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​Balgaire Cavaliers is a modest hobby kennel situated on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington.  Ruth Lerda was originally involved with Pembroke Welsh Corgis and and Shetland Sheepdogs. She first exhibited in Obedience in 1968 . In the early 1970’s she began exhibiting in conformation. Teaming up with Janice Stanton in 1986, together they produced 10 Corgi and 8 Sheltie champions.

In 1993 a 2 year-old imported Cavalier came into their lives that
changed everything. Cavaliers are the only breed at Balgaire today. Cavaliers from Balgaire are exhibited in both conformation and performance events, with more than 40 titles having been earned.  They breed selectively and typically have no more than 4 litters per year.  They breed all 4 colors of Cavalier.
Ruth and Dakota